Monday, October 24, 2016


I'm a pretty frugal mother, but sometimes I need a meal that ISN'T a casserole or a crock pot fixin. Sometimes I like me a good steak. Although I cannot afford to eat a "good steak" all the time, I like to get a small NY strip and eat it as a salad. I haven't found the perfect combinations of flavors yet, but trust me when I tell you...i'm working on it. (insert evil laugh emoji here)

My husband is a fit guy and he needs to be, that dreaded heart disease runs in his family! boo
So when he mentions that his pants are fitting a tad tighter than he's used to, this mountain mama gets busy...gets busy getting her clean foods back into rotation. Quinoa, salads, high protein, low carb meals. I've been taking a break from the prep work and time clean eating takes to enjoy what could possibly be my last baby smell. (its much better than new car smell.) but I digress, cleaner eating is important to not only stay healthy, but to keep your energies high for the mayhem that will can ensue in the moments you least expect. 

Tonight, I present: Steak salad

Even though I'm working on my photog skills, you have to admit, you'd eat this... well, maybe not, but you could!! Its so easy and not a ton of prep work.  I used a rub consisting of chili powder, cumin and smoked paprika, along with salt and pepper of course. This wasn't my favorite so far, but go get yourself a teriyaki marinade and marinade a steak in that....then add the ingredients of your favorite salad and voila! Dinner!

Here is me, rubbing the rub on the steak....that sounds weird. 

After rubbing both sides with the rub, I baked them in the oven at 450 degrees for 7 min on each side. It came out with just a bit of pink in the middle and nice and juice after letting it rest out of the oven. 

But the real winner of dinner tonight, was the killer crinkle cut fries I baked. I picked up a bag of frozen crinkle cut fries at the store, then baked them (about 1.5 lbs) as per the directions on the package. Once they are out, take 1 tbs of dried parsley, 2 tbs melted butter, and a clove of garlic. Mix those together then toss on the fries and serve to all the happy children who reside in your home...including your husband. My take on cleaner eating is 80% of your plate should be clean, and 20% can be fries not as clean. I had a large salad with several pieces of good clean steak, and a handful of fries that made my tummy super happy. 

I hope you can get your hands on a good steak salad soon....if not, make your own!

Don't forget to get crafty, get cooking, and get a little mayhem going on!!



PS--If you think clean eating is eating cake while cleaning, bless your heart. haha Let me know if you'd like to hear more about clean eating in upcoming blog posts. (its how I lost ALL my baby weight after having irish twins...all while nursing and no exercise. yeah, its that cool.)


  1. I'd love to know what else went into your salad. And do you do dressing or o-natural? I know, I'm greedy. I want you to tell me hopes I can duplicate it.

    1. Keep asking me and then I'll know what to add to my posts!!!
      I use a "homemade" ranch dressing (a ranch dressing packet made with mayo and milk). This salad has steak rubbed with the spices listed in the blog (2 tsp chili powder, 1 tsp smoked paprika, 1 tsp cumin), spring mix and romaine salad mix, julienned cucumber, (but you can just dice it too), and some fresh pico de gallo I picked up from broulims.