Sunday, October 23, 2016

Halloween without as much candy...doable??

Hello from the Mountain Mothers and Mayhem!! This post is hopefully more mothers than mayhem, but hey, we are just getting started...anything could happen here!

Tomorrow starts the one week countdown till so much candy overtakes our cupboard, I have to keep it closed with a broom handle  Halloween!! Yay, for some, but not yay for all the candy. I'm not opposed to candy, I love a little sweetness here and there, but for some reason, when Halloween rolls around, I find myself trying to figure out how many days I let my kids eat this stuff, before I start throwing it out. I'm such a party pooper...I know. Luckily, for all those OTHER party pooper moms like me, I have a quick and easy project that might just help out with the candy dilemma. Introducing,

How cute is this??? I volunteer at my daughters class every other week reading to her and her classmates...and since Halloween is coming up and I'm totally vying to be the favorite mom, I HAD to make this healthy USEFUL reading time favor. Now, since I'm trying to be more frugal with our family money, I had to give up on something....did you notice what it was? Probably, cause you're super smart like that...but I didn't use Halloween pencils. They are regular everyday pencils. Here is the cost breakdown: 30 pencils ($3.00),  1 bag of pretzels ($2.50), clear baggies ($1.00), ribbon (free, cause I already had it). TOTAL: $6.50. Had I purchased the Halloween specific pencils, yeah, they would have all matched, and the ribbon would have matched, but I would have spent $13-$15 JUST ON PENCILS. So frugal mom came out since it wasn't a required thing. I still say they are pretty cute, and the kids won't care they are not Halloween specific. 

Good luck this week my friends, get crafty, get cooking, get a little mayhem going on!



(original idea taken from : HERE)


  1. I love finding ways to give treats without giving sugar. I go to a carnival store that sells bulk bags of goodies CHEAP. Erasers, jelly bracelets, straw whistles, mini note books, bookmarks, etc. I spend sooo much less than I do to buy candy to hand out on Halloween. Love it!

    1. Um.....I need to know where this place is please!!!!!! Last year I gave pencils, and the year before was another non toy, but life got too busy this year and I'm trying not to break the bank!!